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 International Logistics and Supply Chain Management can be a daunting prospect when entering a new location or territory. Knowledge and an understanding of the customs and values of the local people, merchants and Supply Chain operatives are paramount to successful operations.  SRG offer comprehensive assessment and analysis of the business terrain, and, have extensive networks of local, trusted suppliers and commercial operators. All our operations have dedicated Government Liaison Officers who maximise our relationships with both National and Local agencies, thus ensuring project and operation legality and longevity. The combination of services and safeguards allows SRG to assist with your implementation and formation of local strategies and procedures that will ensure a smooth and trouble free process. 


Synergising our military experience with extensive understanding of local local knowledge we exude professionalism and integrity that is synonymous with our service. If you would like more information about our logistical consultancy services, or wish to consider supply chain management into foreign territories, please contact Synergy Resources Group today.







Experienced project security consultants available worldwide

Synergy Resources Group

Synergy Resources Group is a specialist security company providing consultancy, service support, resourcing and logistics for managing supply chain processes for clients internationally. Our experienced team members operate worldwide and have considerable experience in life support management, personnel protection and industrial and corporate security.;

Synergy is proud to be a member of the Midlothian and East Lothian Chamber of Commerce, and part of the Bright Green Business partnership

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